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Our dessert tables are made with our Biddy's signature bakes.  


Below is a list of what we can do, if you can't see it on here then please check out our extras pages for items that don't routinely appear in the shop.


Millionaires Shortbread, layers of coconut biscuit base, homemade caramel and double chocolate ganache

Rocky Road, marshmallow, all kind of biscuits and sprinkles in milk chocolate

Raspberry Bakewell, layers of pastry, raspberries and raspberry jam, almond frangipane and toasted almond topping

Cinnamon swirl shortbread, rolls of cinnamon bun shortbread topped with a spiced glaze

Billionaires shortbread, layers of coconut biscuit base, earl gray and lemon infused center and white choc ganache top



salted caramel with chunks of fudge, swirls of salted caramel and chocolate pieces

triple chocolate with chunks of white, milk and dark chocolate

smores, layers of coconut biscuit, brownie, and marshmallow 

peanut butter with crushed peanuts and butter swirl

peanut butter and raspberry as above with mascarpone and raspberries

chocolate orange with terry chocolate orange top and marmalade swirl

coconut ice with a coconut biscuit base, mascarpone raspberry cream, and desiccated coconut

pear and rosemary white chocolate blondie 

spiced cinnamon biscuit with lotus spread and lotus biscuit crunch

raspberry cheesecake with white choc chunks, raspberries, raspberry coulis, and cream cheese swirl

cherry brandy, a dark chocolate brownie with kirsch drizzle, mascarpone and raspberry swirl

dark chocolate salted caramel and pear with salted chocolate ganache

cookies and cream, a layer of blondie and brownie with crushed oreo and double cream 

neapolitan, a triple layer brownie, strawberry white choc cream, and vanilla cream

fig and lemon white chocolate blondie with lemon curd swirl and sliced baked fig top

chunky monkey, caramel and banana brownie with caramel swirl and crunchy banana chips 


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